Notice for “Beta Testing of Conference Call System”

Beta testers and the PUBLIC is invited to test our conference call system, especially the functions and quality of connections to overseas countries. The steps are:-
1. Call 03-50214100. (You can save this number in your phone book)
2. After you hear the welcome announcement, please key in the room number “0000” follow by “#” sign
3. You then dial the number to these overseas countries by 00 + country code + number follow by #. E.g. 0086139231234# to call China number.
The following countries are opened for testing, Singapore, China, mainland USA, Hong Kong, Canada, India.
All calls are FREE and paid for by VHC, except what your normal operator may charge for a local call into this number. There is no limit to the duration of the calls, you can call from any phone and talk as long as you want.
We welcome your feedback regarding your tests. Please email to Thank you for your calls and assistance”
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